Hi from HackThePress.org

I’m Joe,
I run HackThePress.org, a community of Technologists, Journalists, Designers, and enthusiasts who care about the future of Information Technology and protecting quality journalistic content.

It’s quite a new organisation, but I’m working full-time on developing and nurturing the community and projects.
I’m based at Newspeak House, and would love to hear from people interested in our mission. If you’re based in London - I’d love to meet you.


Hello, Joe. Dees here. I’m London-based and a pot of tea and a chat around the future of journalism sounds lovely. You can reach me via dees@grantfortheweb.org.


Hi Joe,

The Grant for the Web program team will be in London for Mozfest. Do you attend this festival? It might be of interest to you. We will be running a few workshops that could be interesting for you to attend. Feel free to email info at grantfortheweb dot org to follow up on Mozfest

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Hi there

I am based in India and publisher of global tech websites. Can I join HackThePress?



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Hi Chris,
I will be at MozFest, I look forward to meeting GFTW people there!

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Hi Sorab,
You can subscribe to our email list to keep up to date on what we’re doing: https://hackthepress.org/
The link is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks, Joe.Will do.