Hi from Hyperaudio in Florence Italy

Hi everybody - my name’s Mark Boas and I’ve been working on an open source technology known as Hyperaudio for around 10 years now. Hyperaudio is about breaking audio (and video) out of it’s 20th century box – we do this by tightly linking it to a transcript. The twist is that we can use word-timings to make the transcript interactive – which makes audiovisual material on the web much more accessible.

You can navigate material by clicking on words to take you directly to pieces of interest.

You can easily search and make your content more easily indexable by search engines.

You can highlight pieces and share / bookmark / annotate AND…

You can even remix audio and video from the transcript – imagine dragging and dropping selections of transcripts and taking the underlying media with you! Editing audiovisual material becomes almost as easy as editing text.

That’s the promise of Hyperaudio and that’s what we have over at hyperaud.io – a working prototype that we built way back in 2013. Now we desperately want to use the learnings we’ve made along the way. Recently we’ve funded our experimentation by developing tools for other organisations who agreed to release anything we created for them as open source. This way we’ve been able to develop new code and tech ready to apply to the next version of Hyperaudio. Yay!

So how does this all fit in with Grant for the Web? Well my interest was piqued at the Mozilla Festival where I attended a session – I was attracted to the idea of small payments as we had been looking for a way of making Hyperaudio a sustainable non-profit or similar.

We’re super interested in Hyperaudio being used by schools to teach media literacy and have even run some trials, we also think it’s ideal for editing podcasts giving you an interactive transcript into the bargain – so there’s several directions open to us.


welcome on board

Great idea, I have a related concept, but haven’t published it here because I’m still unsure as to the advantage of publishing ideas when I don’t have the capacity to legally protect my IP … but I’ll stay tuned in to what you’re doing, good luck.

Thanks both! :wave: On the podcasting side I think it would be great to provide a platform that allows podcasters to get paid for content – in addition to increasing accessibility and visibility, having an interactive transcript would allow people to more easily share snippets on social media with a link back to source – finally allowing podcasts to go viral!

Hey Mark! :wave: It’s great to see you here on the forum.

Hi Erika! :wave: Great to be here :smiley: