Hi from the Program Team!

Dees here. I love the web. And I want content creators to be fairly remunerated for their works. I’m especially excited about the crazy, cool and whacky ideas that folks come up with 100+20 Content while monetizing their creations.

You should follow me, @cyberdees on Twitter.


Hello! I am Chris and I am on the Program Team along with my other colleagues here. I am excited to be part of this project because I am passionate about supporting a vibrant network of creative cobtent creators and making the internet healthier.


Hello @erika, Christine, Bruce, cyberdees and Chris_Lawrence!

I am the founder of @OpenDomain - we are “open source for domains”. We have given domains worth millions o open source groups and non-profits for more than 20 years - including some to Mozilla and W3C. We are VERY interested in Grant for the Web.

We have been working on some proof of concepts for a few years dealing with syndication, copyrights, security, and encryption. I have a serious question: does a project have to implement Coil or other crypto currency in order to receive a grant?

I also have done some work on crypto as the founder of CharityCoin - the world’s first bitcoin charity, so I do believe it is valuable, but I am not sure it is required to help make the web better.


Hello everyone!, I’m Marvin Danig from Washington D.C. So excited to be here!

My partner and I have been working on a native book format for the web so that people can publish codex style books on web for children like comics, longform textbooks, novels or any other form of literature in any language. So far about 600 books have been published using Bookiza Abelone—the book reification framework that we have built using the format.

Our current focus is on implementation of responsive scenarios (templates) for the different type of stylistic choices that come along with paginated storytelling—while also keeping in mind scalability and accessibility challenges of web pages across the spectrum of devices. I welcome you to scroll by sometime to look at the books created by our community!

Now coming to the point of this post:

Do you think our project will be suitable for a grant from Mozilla? Thank you so much for this initiative!


Hi Grant for the Web Program Team, thanks for commencing this great project. We have been following Coil since its inception and are very excited for the potential to really empower content creators. I am one of the co-founders of www.mannabase.com which is providing a social dividend to all users for their participation to encourage inspiring content creation. We look forward to working with you all in the near future.


Hi @erika, @bruce, Christine, cyberdees, Chris_Lawrence

I am the founder of Burner Connect, I posted about the system I already created, please see below.

Please reach out to me when you have a moment for a serious chat.

Kind Regards

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Thanks for reaching out. Eligible projects will not be mandated to use Coil or crypto-currency. Projects will need to utilize or innovate on open web monetization standards. There will be more details as we release open calls for proposals and highlight examples.


@Chris_Lawrence, Whats your estimated month you will be open to accept proposals? I am just finishing a pitch deck and ready to take the project to the next stage, want to see if its realistic to wait around.


Hello Marvin,

One point of clarification, these will not be Mozilla grants. Mozilla is an advisor and collaborator. The funds will be from Grant for the Web and funded by Coil.

As for your project idea, it is to early to know if it will be suitable, but my first read is that it you should definitely be following along with news and updates we will have. There will be multiple calls for proposals over the course of the program that have specific and targeted focuses. As well as lots of ways to collaborate and workshop projects as we mature.

More info here (and we will be updating FAQ over next few months) https://www.grantfortheweb.org/faq


Hi! Great to meet you!


Our first open call for proposals will be early 2020, with a planned series of calls from then on going forward. Thanks for your interest.


Hi Everyone on the Program Team,

I am a choreographer and mobile filmmaker based in Glasgow Scotland.

I am looking to find new ways to monetise those dance artists working in the online space, and establish a new platform for dance online, where none exists at present.

I wrote a bit more about myself here:


Hey, Erika. I’ve just joined.



My name is Kerri. I’m a technologist & PhD student focusing on trust & online behavior. I’m excited for this initiative. New monetization strategies are key to changing how data is used (and is being abused). I’m looking forward to getting involved and getting to know others in this community.


Hi, I’m McCaffrey, I’m the editor of IYP. We are running a Chinese website about digital rights and security: iyouport.org, we have a good reputation in Mandarin-speaking areas.


Hey, Kerri

Great to have you as part of this new community. Online privacy and security is a subject close to my heart, too, & we often write about news around them on our websites.

Sorab Ghaswalla


Here’s how my website reported this news story…




Hi Erika & Team,

While I’m the founder and CEO of a tech company focused on solving problems in the free software world I thought I’d introduce you to some worthwhile projects that could really utilize some funding that may be within the scope of your grants.

I’m very much a fan of OpenBazaar at openbazaar org which is sort of like a decentralized eBay for buying and selling goods online.

Then there is another project LBRY at lbry com which is focused on content freedom. It’s a decentralized distributed solution intended as a replacement for YouTube. I’ve played around with it a bit and it’s got a lot of cool features. I am both a content creator and have friends who are content creators and LBRY has been a life saver for some. When YouTube has taken a hostile stance to videos posted LBRY’s sync program saved the day. Basically YouTube has been hostile to some of us with independent minds that dare to cover news topics that don’t align with certain groups political agendas. In fact it’s worked amazingly well because of another tool called spee.ch which lets users link to censored content on LBRY without even having LBRY installed. In at least one instance this led to a blog with original reporting covering NH politics to link to the YouTube censored video via the spee.ch URL. As LBRY Sync backed up the videos on YouTube to LBRY they weren’t lost and the censorship ultimately failed.

There are some other projects that I am also more closed tied to that you may be interested in. One of them is a hardware engineering project to bring modular computing to the masses with the intent being to enable users to gain full control over there devices. Right now Intel, AMD, and most computing devices are either backdoored or potentially backdoored and we have no practical solutions to this problem. What EOMA68 does is it takes free software friendly components and puts them into a standard thin modular package. Engineers can then more easily and cheaply design freedom friendly devices around the module. Right now there is a laptop housing design that accepts this EOMA68 module and a desktop housing design. The initial manufacturing runs are currently in progress for the EOMA68 module and desktop housing.

Then there is another free software project that my company has been supporting, promoting, and funding for a long time now. It’s objective is to develop and maintain an embedded distribution made up of exclusively free software geared toward routers and similar devices. We know that typical commercial routers are a security nightmare and most users can’t upgrade the core embedded software on them. Even where they can it’s not usually exclusively free software and its in the proprietary bits where backdoors are routinely found. Both the NSA and other intelligence agencies are known to be targeting consumer and enterprise grade routers. The federal government has also made free software routers effectively illegal. In the near future it won’t be possible to get your hands on a router that doesn’t include a proprietary component. Router manufacturers are already locking down routers making it harder or impossible for users to replace poor commercial firmware with open source or free software firmwares. Check the project out at librecmc org


Hi all :wave: great initiative! I am looking forward news from your side, currently involved in https://bottish.org a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, having bottish as a free digital conference all about AI, blockchain and opensource (18th edition next week with currently 17k members from 100 countries) and Partnership Manager of https://seedtoken.io where we build the open source platform for AI. Living in Bilbao, Spain


Hi Bruce! How are you? What solution would you recommend to accept donations for good website content? Thank you

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