Hi from Typemill

I created the small open-source flat-file-cms https://typemill.net. It is especially dedicated to authors and writers that focus on a special topic. It is a small side project right now but I have two main goals for future development: Make writing profitable with all kind of monetization options and provide content in multiple formats like html, ebooks and more.

Long way to go, but coil and interledger might be a perfect fit so I am excited to play around with it :slight_smile:

Cheers from Sebastian


Very cool, thanks for sharing! Looks like a great project, will think about whether I have any projects where I might be able to use it.

Also love that the site you link as an example in the docs is a CMS review/comparison site (https://cmsstash.de/), Iā€™m reading the Google auto-translated version, but it looks very good & comprehensive!

Look forward to hearing more about thoughts on monetization options, or any other new feature ideas!

Thank you for your reply and I am glad that you like the project! Yes, cmsstash is a review and comparison page. The simplicity of the concept and the focus on text also works well from seo-perspective.

I try to test different monetization models, recently I added a directory for service providers with payed entries as a separate microservice. Coil and Interledger will be the next thing and I will also try to add a hard paywall for pro content. But it is only a side project for now so it takes quite a lot of time ā€¦ :slight_smile: