Hi from Vass! Public Policy at Delphia ("invest w/ data")

Hi! Otherwise a lurker, but really excited about the promise of Grant for the Web. My name is Vass Bednar and I lead our public policy work at Delphia.

At Delphia, we’re creating a way for people to invest with their data. So in a way, we are rewarding “creators” with a data dividend.

I thought that some members of this community might be interested in our interactive data calculator (on the homepage) and/or the explanatory white paper that walks through all of our assumptions. We’d welcome your feedback and input!

Nice to meet you,

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Hey Vass! :wave: Welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing your white paper – I took a peek and it looks really interesting.

what is it? an investment platform whereby you can invest your data and real money into stock markets? im confused

Thank you for the feedback that the offering/website is confusing - it’s important for us to hear.

What probably doesn’t make it any less confusing: you can invest your data, your dollars, or both!

Delphia’s members will connect various personal data sources (for example, social media accounts, location details, media viewing history, etc.) and answer simple, daily questions about their opinions on current events, their behaviour, and their sentiments on the economy at large.

Together, members will contribute to, and build, a proprietary data source. By finding trends in this data, Delphia can make smarter investment decisions for your portfolio. We act before others catch on. Delphia will distribute the fees it earns from managing the portfolio to its members as data dividends. Members can choose to invest all data sources, only a few, or choose none at all and invest their money instead.

sooo the investment decisions made by the AI are based on the opinions collected from Delphia users?

whose portfolio? a portfolio of data and or money?

data dividends? you meant cash dividends, right?

im still confused lol.

The investment decisions are essentially a product of the “wisdom of the crowds,” we’re ultimately surfacing signal of sales surprise and/or purchase intent. We reward data contributors with investable capital that we call the “data dividend.”

so what kind of data does your platform collect and use?

A mix - totally up to the data contributor - can participate in a more “active” way via short/quick daily surveys and/or plug in [via API] existing social media profiles [e.g. giving us read-only access to Twitter, Facebook), etc.

(Any interest in being a beta tester, Falez?)

im the type of person who keeps their personal info/data as private as possible, but perhaps if the returns are good? how good are the returns?

It’s early days, but our data calculator (on the homepage) can help you see what your data could be worth over time. We aren’t currently connecting data until we hit 100k on our waitlist.

whats ur wait list at now?

17,933! Live on our homepage.

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