Hi from Will Mannon - Writer/YouTube creator

Hi all -

Excited to find this group!

My blog is will-mannon.com - I’m a “Digital 49er” searching the web for intellectual gold, with particular focus on how new media forms will shape the future. I’ve only been publishing pieces for a month, but I’ve spent several years curating great ideas (via books, blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and quotes).

I began writing through Write of Passage, a great new course for online writers. The 3rd round of Write of Passage starts in November for anyone interested. It’s a vibrant group.

I also also love learning Mandarin. I’ve made a handful of YouTube videos about US history in Chinese, something I want to continue down the line. Any fellow language learners please reach out!


Hi and welcome, Will :wave: I’ve moved your topic to Introductions (it was previously uncategorized).