Hi I am Gary, I have built a great solution already!


My name is Gary, I built a system called Burner Connect, Its a social network for the Burning Man and the festival community built on the principles of decommodification. Its more than just a social network so much so, that It would be to long a post to describe all the incredible rich features it has. But basically there is a social network and an entire suite of management tools to manage events, jobs, creative flows, ticketing, networking, ride sharing, shared skills, market places, cryptocurrency. the list goes on and on.

I presented the project at the Global Leadership Conference and received a standing ovation from everyone and had the pleasure of chatting with the late great Larry Harvey for about an hour about it.

I have written a HUGE whitepaper for this project and demand for this system is great. All I am missing now is a nice design for the site (currently looks like crap haha), pretty easy and simple really and then I need to assemble a team for all the daily maintenance / moderation etc…

The site is 100% hand coded by myself, a programmer since 1993. A worked on many of the largest web projects of our time.

Time to take back the internet and do something incredible.

Please reach out to me to be part of something special.

You can reach me at gary@burnerconnect.com for any private chats, as this site only has public facing communication.

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