Hi! I'm Raphael and I want to make tools to support marginalised online communities!

Hi everyone, the launch of this project is so timely because I’ve just been spending the last few days coming up with the idea for a new app for young people who practice witchcraft (many of them LGBTQ+), and the idea of funding it via ‘traditional’ late-capitalist means was just an anathema to me. So this is very exciting news!

I’m currently writing a PhD about anti-capitalist utopias, and I’m also a self-taught programmer and hacker. My main ongoing project, apart from my PhD, is sweet - an experimental social network based on direct democracy principles, with baked-in tools to help women and queer people feel safer online. There are only two of us working on it currently and it’s only got a handful of users, but I’ve really been loving the tiny communities that those users have already built.

Some other things I’ve built are gathio, which is a tool for making events which doesn’t need an account to create or see events, doesn’t steal your data, doesn’t show you ads, and where the event pages self-destruct a week after they’ve run. Y’know, like it should be. And lastly there’s TinyDungeon, which is the same sort of thing but for helping people run Dungeons & Dragons games. (I can’t link to it and it doesn’t come up in Google results, but… it’s cute, believe me).

I’ve learnt so much creating and maintaining my little apps, and I get a lot of joy when people find them useful. I hope I can be a helpful part of this new community!


Hi Raphael, your projects look very cool! Love the idea of software to support marginalized communities, and great to see folks using these projects. Curious to hear more about what you have in mind for this new thing, and possible alternative funding models to explore.

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