HI I'm Terry from Nanocents

Hello everyone! I’m the founder of Nanocents, an efficient micro payment system for internet transactions. User pay a membership fee, then can spend nanocents at any website, even static sites, that accept nanocents. We expect typical nanocent transaction to be in the range of $0.10 - $1.00 USD.

The goal is to provide an alternative business model for content creators who currently use adsense. We are focused on efficiency - delivering the highest possible percentage of a users payment to content creators.


Hi Terry, do you have a website?

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Hi Terry. Nice to meet you.

@terrybraun - I love the idea and it is very close to what I’m working on with Tipalink (https://www.tipalink.com). How do your users spend their nanocents? Do you have a plugin or browser extension? I couldn’t find any info on your website (https://www.nanocents.com/). At Tipalink, we offer both a plugin (embeded HTML generated by JavaScript) that our users can add to their websites and a browser extension for more tech-savvy tippers. I love the idea of invoicing your users once their payments hit a certain threshold. Similarly, at Tipalink we accumulate “tips” into a “tab” which user can start paying off in minimum $1 transactions. If you want to learn more, I’ve created a big FAQ on our website and will be publishing some articles on a blog section too very soon. If you want to talk sometime or may be interested in working together in some regard, please feel free to reach out via the contact form on my website. Cheers!

Hi @newagecontentservice. Sorry for the delayed response.

Yes the web site is https://nanocents.com which is under active development. The goal is to go live in the next week, although that may slip a bit. Please feel free to send an email to tab@nanocents.com if you have ideas or would like to learn more.


@everyone, By the way, if you would like to try out nanocents with paying the $5 membership fee, please send me an email tab@nanocents.com. (And just FYI the membership fee is not-quite-live-yet).

Hey Terry

We run many global websites including www.whatsnewonthenet.com where we feature startups from around the global.

Could you send us a press release/note telling us what Nanocents is all about, + quotes perhaps from the CEO, CTO etc and then we will publish it?

Looking forward to it.