Hi, Jamie from the Drupal community and the Cross-CMS working group

Hi Everyone!

I work for a company called Freely Give and we recently collaborated with some others in the Drupal community to work on a GDPR module to help sites have a better focus on their user’s privacy and control over their own data.

Drupal is a popular content management system and as a result we’ve started working with others across multiple CMSes. Particularly Joomla, Wordpress and Umbranco at the moment. The purpose of this is to try and make sure that CMSes all have a broadly similar approach to privacy and legislation where possible and to learn from what our communities have done.

Drupal itself is very modular and so it was fairly easy for us to make a contributed module that helps people with privacy but the core of Drupal itself hasn’t had a great deal of privacy work. We are looking to start an initiative to help make Drupal itself more GDPR compliant and ready for the growing number of privacy iniatives world wide.

We will need to find funding for the development work for this. Whilst the Drupal community is run by volunteers many larger projects need people whose Job it is to do this full-time. We have a conference in Amsterdam as a community where we hope to make this unofficial iniative, official.

Is this the kind of thing that would be worth pursuing next year when formal applications happen? Also is this the right forum to post things in?

We’d also be looking for funding for the work of the Cross-CMS privacy group itself? It’s less focused on actually writing code and more producing resources for the community to use. Would that be relevant?

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Looking at this more, I don’t know if this counts as “Web monetisation” or not.

I definitely believe that the main CMSes having privacy concious tools in it will assist a great deal in others seeking to monetise the web as I expect a great deal of monetisation on the web will start from these CMSes

Hey @yautja_cetanu and welcome to the forum! It’s great to hear about your work.

Because this grant program is so new, we’re still working on designing the call for proposals. We’ll have more information about the projects we’re able to fund in early 2020. At that time, you can decide if you’d like to submit your project.

In general, we’ll be prioritizing ideas that incorporate or build upon the Web Monetization standard and protocols. Our aim is to spur innovation in this new but growing privacy-centric web monetization ecosystem. An ecosystem can encompass many projects, communities, and people, so I’d encourage you to stay engaged even if what you’re working on today doesn’t automatically feel like an obvious fit.

There are other Drupal folks active on the forum (see this post) and you can always look for collaborators in Ideas & Collaborations.