Hi, this is Free Music Archive & Tribe of Noise

Nice to meet you all in the Grant For The Web Community and… to the team, thanks for inviting me to join!

We have plenty of time to learn more about each other’s projects, personal passions, the bumpy roads we had to take or the ones still ahead of us. So I keep this short.

My name is Hessel van Oorschot, founder of Tribe of Noise. Together with a team of dedicated coders and passionate music industry people we have been building (Creative Commons based) opportunities for independent musicians since 2008. In recent weeks we acquired the iconic music community Free Music Archive. Our mission: support creators, reward creativity and offer fair, sustainable industry models.

Let’s connect!

PS For the ones who like to read more about our journey:

Made with CC (from page 139)
Global Music Community Tribe of Noise Acquires Free Music Archive


Welcome, Hessel. @Chris_Lawrence and I look forward to connecting next week in Amsterdam, while we are in town for View Source & Fronteers.


Very much looking forward to connecting this week!

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heyy groetjes from the pijp amsterdam ;

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