Hi! Virginia from Curationist.org joining the conversation

Hello everyone! I am Virginia Poundstone, the Content Curation Director at curationist.org. We are in our first year as a Beta site testing out ways to curate content from the public domain and Creative Commons. We launched our v1 prototype at the Creative Commons Global Summit last May and have been testing with an internal team of editors, archivists, and developers ways to make useful, open source tools for our v2 that will include an ecosystem for curation contributions from the public. I am here to find like-minds and learn!


Welcome Virginia!

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you! Very happy (and feel lucky) to be here! I’ve already seen so much amazing thinking and work!

hi there
Public domain and free contribution should make our society better

I hope you’ll be succed in this way

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