How is coil-blogs itself monetized?

Say I want to build something that uses web monetization similar to how coil-blogs. How can I profit from it and keep the site running?


I would need to hear more to answer this.

Coil blogs as an isolated product, how does it make money or at least keep itself running? As I observed, the coil plugin does not activate while I am at It is only activated when viewing a profile or an article. Which suggests that coil as a platform does not benefit from web monetization.

They do however have their own official blog which can benefit from web monetization. But is that enough to keep the platform running? My question is this: Is coil blogs as a product making money or is it just free service?


Coil is a funded venture and using development money to grow a business, not all or even most of their revenue comes through the streaming payments. Thus its not really a comparable to a smaller venture. Their blog as products are not making money directly and they opt for the individual bloggers to receive through experimentation, not them. Their key product is the subscription Web Monetization service. If your project idea is to do something similar, I would think more about what makes your project sustainable over time, not to replicate Coil’s business model.

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I agree.