I don't get the meaning of this question


I am filling out the application form. For most questions I have answers, but this one I simply don’t understand:

Grant for the Web values not only openness, fairness, inclusivity, and innovation online but also in our community. Please share how your project will work to widen participation in Web Monetization in your own community.

Can anyone please explain this?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @Achim Here are some things to consider as you answer this question:

How will you talk about Web Monetization with others in your community? How will your project ensure others learn about and have access to the opportunities presented not just by your project, but by a fairer, more accessible, more open way to exchange value on the web? How will your project engage people that are often shut out of economic opportunities on the web? How does your idea help make the web more equitable and inclusive?