I implemented Web Monetization on one of my little apps. I got a question tho

My project is little music app https://lofifocus.io/
If the visitor is subscribed to coil, (or any future provider?) they would have access to all tracks available. The first 10 tracks are free and I currently have 11 tracks total. I will add more in the future.

I was going to implement a subscription for it but tried Web Monetization instead.
My question is about how the payment streams work. Does it stream even though the webpage is unfocused? On one of the example websites, I observed that the stream stops when I go off the page.

If it is the case, web monetization isn’t really ideal for music no?? Since you’d want to listen to it while doing other things and not stare at a page?


RE: Does it stream even though the webpage is unfocused?

Yes, based on my observation, only focused tabs gets an active payment stream.

It may be best to follow along and comment on this GitHub issue: