Idea for the taking by a willing developer

Hey everyone! Idea below which I don’t have the skills to code but I’d be happy to see anyone pick it up if there is interest. Happy to help in any way I can!

I periodically engage with “expert” / consulting platforms (IE: UpWork, Talmix, Avvnue, etc). In short someone with a need (IE: consulting / advisory, deck / doc review, etc) engages a 3rd party to provide those services either one time or on a rolling basis.

Typically the work is conducted within the platform through messaging systems, call systems, etc. Just about every platform restricts moving the discussion or work off-platform so getting web monetisation in via a plug-in likely wouldn’t work due to ToS.

Made me wonder if a stand alone plugin would work for consultants / advisors engaging with their direct clients?

  • Zoom plugin to process payments for the duration of the video call
  • WhatsApp / Telegram / etc plugin to process payments for the voice call (or text session with an on / off setting for once the advisory portion of the chat begins?)

I don’t know what kind of access the above mentioned platforms offer to 3rd party developers but Ill leave that for someone more suitable to comment on.

I engaged in these services from a business / startup advisory standpoint but I imagine it would be applicable to a broader audience (IE: a chef who wants to conduct classes via Zoom, a Yoga instructor conducting classes, etc).

A more complex version of the idea would be to replicate some of these “expert” platforms with doc / deck review functionality, call functionality, etc but the only real benefit of those platforms is client / "expert’ identification / networking and contracting. Otherwise they are rather clunky.

Looking forward to thoughts and comments!

Turns out there is a team working on something along these lines.

Im unfamiliar with them but if anyone wants to take up the project, might be worth speaking to them as well!

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Sounds like a good idea. It is fairly easy these days to “Roll your own” web conferencing platform as most of the heavy lifting is done by browsers themselves these days. E.g. a colleague recently created a virtual “bar” for lockdown socialising. So probably wouldn’t be too difficult technically to create a simple pay-for-expertise platform that allows you to video conference 1-to-1 with someone (accountant, guitar teacher, VC, etc)



Nice to see you here Matt :slight_smile: Cool re: lockdown “bar”! That’s a slippery slope into a VR discussion so I’ll leave that for another day together haha :slight_smile:

In terms of web monetised expertise, teaching, etc I wonder from a user standpoint if people want another platform or if they simply want the functionality on platforms they already use? New platform .v. Zoom and so on plugin badidslly?

For more full time consultants / Teachers / etc I suppose they have the customer base already whereas ad-hoc and freelancers may need the networking benefit of a structured platform.