I'm an brazilian socioexpographist at extralibris.org

I am an independente researcher from Brazil, and have developed a methodology and platform for creating catalogs that integrates environments with artifact collections in local environments with digital interfaces.

Over the past century, catalogs of cultural artifacts have emphasized technical information and control of item data — and with automation they have not taken into account the relationship of humans to collection items. The catalogs were being with computing integrated with e-commerce or inventory control platforms in cultural institutions.

On the other hand, we have no solutions for ordinary people to organize, create their collections, and set up exhibitions by integrating their local environments with digital interfaces. So my project with ExtraLibris is to think about a future of IoT, which is not things connected to the internet, but their environments. My concept platform create an exhibition page to present a variety of collections without the need for extra programming: just including images, title, and personal content about objects.

And for that I created a new concept in publishing beyond posts, hashtags and categories, but where the environments themselves are cataloged and the system creates a relationship between, objects, collections and their environments.

I started this project in some libraries in my country, because the proposal was to remove the automation models and instead of lending the collections, lending the shelves, so that people in the population could create collections based on local social memory.

However, the library automation industry lobby prohibited professionals in these spaces from using the platform - and a concept in memory education that I developed so that professionals could help people organize their collections at home and document their memories.

So I am starting over and looking for resources to simplify and democratize the module I developed within wordpress transferring the system to an open and independent platform to: co-creation of exhibitions by curating collections in connected environments.

The site of the project: https://extralibris.org/

Sorry about my english.
Fabiano Caruso.


Hi Fabiano - looks like a cool project.

If it’s built on WordPress it should be straight-forward to allow others to collaborate on the current site.

Have you thought about adding web monetisation to the site? We’ve added the script to our site https://pragmatic.agency and could help you do the same if you like?


Hello David. Thanks.

I can’t open the platform for independent publishing yet because the platform was created with a different philosophy and its use still depends on some kind of training.

But you can write more about how you think it could help in my email: caruso@extralibris.org

I am currently working to translate all educational and outreach materials into English.

Sounds fascinating, I’ll have a look … and trust me, your English is better than many native speakers.