Implementing monetization for games at!

I developed a grassroots website for game developers to share their projects to the browser,

We’ve been around since 2017, and I’ve been working on a bunch of different ways to help support developers that have uploaded games to the site (we have 5000 games on the site and counting!)

I’ve been hacking a way to inject monetization meta tags into the site–which I’m hoping to launch by the end of the day! I also threw together a press release draft if anybody wants to check it out.

You can reach me at rocco at if you want to say hello.


Also working on an open source plugin for Unity3D that will make detecting monetization simple for developers.


Hey my name is Lukas and I’m indie game developer and I’ve been working hard on my rpg action game called Warriors and is great website for small developers to upload their games .

Hey Everyone, I am an independent Video Game developer from South Africa and has helped me get my game noticed internationally and has allowed me to reach more audience while allowing me to manage updates on my game and make it better.

Hello my name is Francesco and make videogames it’s always been a dream of mine, and it is thanks to people like Rocco and websites like if I became convinced to follow my dreams and try to change my life.

Pay a visit to my game prototype


thx for sharing your story!

Aww such a nice comment. Nice prototype!