Instant Monetization for your audio and video content!

Hi everyone! We have just launched, the world’s 1st BlockChain music (audio) and video platform. What makes VibraVid unique is that users can begin monetizing their content directly after signing up! Payments are peer-to-peer, instant, and recorded on the Tron blockchain!

Having trouble getting noticed? With VibraVid, you can place a bounty on your content, and drive people to that content. They get rewarded for listening/viewing!

We launched our minimum viable product on September 29th 2019, and already have 1500 registered users, and over 15,000 transactions!

VibraVid is powered not by U.S. dollars or fiat currency but our native cryptocurrency token, BeatzCoin. We’ve recently partnered with Changelly and Bidali gift-cards, which will give BeatzCoin holders solid liquidity.

We are currently in our 2nd round of IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on Probit.

Our MVP does have a few bugs but we welcome you to sign up, and give it a try! More info on our project can be found at our website.

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