Interledger for SaaS Marketplace?

Can someone help explain how the Interledger protocol could be used by a SaaS marketplace web app for sending and receiving payments (buyers as senders and sellers as receivers)?

Does Coil plan to provide a service for anyone who wishes to send and receive payments, or will those accounts only be able to be used for their own streaming service? Can a simple Ripple wallet address be the receiver?

How would a buyer authenticate and initiate a transfer? I guess the Coil browser plugin does this for their service. Any other way? Does this tech not exist yet and that’s what the Grant for the Web aims to help foster?

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You might try posting this question on the Interledger Forum as well.

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Thanks, I will do that.

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hey erika, is this interledger service associated with grant for the web in any way? or is it somebody elses app/protocol?

Hi Falez, the protocol is used by the WM open standard so in that respect as part of the technology stack it associated. But GftW is not specifically linked at a partner level. If you have deeper technical questions feel free to email us at and we can help connect you to more developer level information.

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