js13kGames 2020 with Web Monetization

Yesterday started the ninth edition of the js13kGames online competition for HTML5 game developers, where the fun part is the size limit set to 13 kilobytes. Second year in a row we have the Web Monetization category:

Last year we had 48 Web Monetized entries out of 245 total, and I hope we’ll manage to get even better numbers this time.


6 month Coil subscription for every participants. It’ll be nice side project to wait for GFTW awardees announcement.

Yup, we had this as a prize last time as well and it worked really nice. Participating is quite the challenge, but the rewards are worth it.

I’ve added Nintendo Switch as the main prize for the Web Monetization category to encourage participation, since we have Magic Leap in WebXR, and the famous YouTuber Jupiter Hadley will be playing all monetized entries first before moving to the other games from the compo.

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We had 36 games submitted to the Web Monetization category this year (out of 227 total) - check them all out, there are some really cool ones!


We’ll be having an online gathering on October 5th 2020 at 6 PM CEST (GMT+2) to announce the js13kGames 2020 winners and celebrate the ninth edition of the compo - everyone’s invited!


Finally published the summary of Web Monetization in the competition.

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Fantastic to see this update. I’m making my way through the Top 10 Games - some of them are pretty addictive!

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