Kendraio - API/protocol browser/builder dashboard app

In the late 90s I ran an ISP and fell in love with open protocols. For the last 20 years I’ve been trying to get the music/media industries to adopt open protocols - an uphill struggle. We (Kendraio) are especially interested in rights/splits on music (and any) asset/work/design and also remuneration – see open value accounting. Then I realised that what I really wanted to do was save admin time for artists and their managers – and give them autonomy in the process. But it takes a long time for an industry to adopt an open protocol. Can we translate their individual APIs so that the burden is not on the service provider? So we are developing a dashboard app that plugs into service provider APIs to provide an abstracted and harmonised view for the user. It’s up and running at . If you have an API we want to hear from you: big or small. So far we have integrated MusicBrainz, Bandsintown, Teosto (Finland’s CMO/Collective), DDEX, and more are on the way. It’s bi-directional: viewing and publishing. We’ve discovered that adoption is the key to any technology. You can build the best technology in the world but if no one uses it then what’s the point? So we are building the adoption strategy for Kendraio App into the development strategy. We are onboarding service providers from day one. Come and play with us. Bring your use cases. If you have an API, come. If you need to visualise, mashup, manipulate someone else’s API the come and play. Kendraio is non-profit (really) and open source and free. We are currently funded by an EU H2020 grant and in the process of applying for additional grant/sponsorship/donation funds. Let’s put the power back in the hands of the users. Cheers Daniel


And there’s more information about Kendraio App in the at:

You could try launching the MusicBrainz flow in the cloud tab to see the Kendraio App in action.

And there are a few videos at:

We are not launching as yet, but we are onboarding/integrating service providers that have APIs (read only and read/write) into the dashboard App.