KratomKraze new business venture looking to accept crypto for payment

I have a distributor who is offering me a price so cheap from overseas that the profits are outrageous. Looking for someone interested in a startup. This Kratom and botanicals site will like to and will use tokens and also any other crypto. I believe that their is a lot of people who look at Kratom users as not as good as them. Im sure You all knoe what i am referring too. So to br able to use crypto would help more Kratom users bit fear purchasing from of us. I am interested in creating Kratom tokens which they could use to buy their products on our site. Anyone interested in the ridiculous price that i am getting kg of Kratom for please message me. I believe we have a great product which id better and cheaper than any other usa vendor. That alone is worth tge effort to get this up and going. Along with Kratom tokens and possibly actual digital assets in the future can bring our company to the forefront of the botanical businesss and vendors open today.