Lessons from Music Streaming

  • youtube & P2P wiped out CD (piracy due to overpriced albums/mixes when consumer interest on individual tracks)
  • paid streaming, ad-supported streaming and streaming radio grew from 5% (2009) to 80% (2019)
  • now megalabels jumping in, most likely with their walled content and branded portals.

Takeaway lesson is that changing from a per item pricing model to a per-time subscription needed enabling technology (high speed wireless internet networks), smartphones / headphones integration, new music streaming services, and record companies had to license music to them.

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Take a look at…

#BrokenRecord on Twitter … only the tiny proportion of mega artists earn from streaming or sync rights, and the rest of the small musicians can only earn by touring… which is now a dead source of income, thanks to covid-19


Artist and listener owned platforms could be the Fair Play answer to the commoditisation of music…

See Resonate.is stream–2-own as a co-operative, fair alternative.

That’s us :slight_smile: