Memeing - a content creation, distribution and discovery platform

Hey everyone.

I have been lurking around these forums for a while, think it’s about time I introduced myself. I also have a couple of questions related to Web Monetisation.

My name is Patrick and I am currently developing a platform called Memeing, which I will post a little about below. Like many of you posting to the forum, I find Web Monetisation, Interledger, Coil and Grant for the Web incredibly promising. My background is more creative (stage & screenwriting) than technical, so the values driving all of this speak to me and are a strong fit with Memeing.

At this present moment, we are coming to the end of the initial research, discovery and development phase. As such, I do not wish to reveal exactly what the platform is, as that may provoke questions that we are in the process of answering. Having said that, I can give a strong outline of what we aim to do:

Memeing is intuitive, interest-focused, content creation, distribution and discovery platform. It is being developed to fit the creative process and to make it easier for creator content to reach audiences with shared interests.

Creativity is supported and culture grows when there are stimulating environments and resources. Memeing will combine the intimacy and benefits and of a dedicated art community with the reach of a large platform.

In doing so, will become a focal point for creativity and culture, inspiring both artistic and cultural dialogue while supporting the growth of meaningful, lasting, interest-based communities.

We are about to go back to the creators and communities we have been working with to conduct some testing around the thornier challenges posed by what we are trying to achieve. Next step is to begin the build process for which we hope to get funding through G4W.

In the meantime, I have a couple of questions.

  • Q. Building around interledger vs using Coil?

Has anyone here looked at this question in detail? Is it worth building something around interledger protocol or is it better to work with Coil? How difficult/ time-consuming/ costly would it be to achieve what Coil does?

  • Q Does Coil allow for white-label integration of its technology?

I notice that Coil is working with Imgur, which would suggest it is possible. Anyone from @Coil available to answer this?

Finally, I would like to say that I have been inspired by reading about the various projects and discussions on the forum. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this.

I wish each of you luck


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:wave: Hi Patrick. Thanks for introducing yourself and telling us about Memeing. @cyberdees might be able to provide some basic info on white-labeling.

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Do reach out via dees AT coil DOT com and I’ll see how we can best assist, @padantwo.

If there is also a deeper interest in Interledger (ILP) you can already join that community and channels (mailing list, Slack, weekly calls et al). All linked from:

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Thanks @erika :dove:
I’ll email you now @cyberdees. :+1:

In addition to using Coil or Interledger for processing fees to access your platform, would you consider offering a way for users to tip content created on your platform? Tipalink could help. We have an API that can be used on the back-end to allow you to build your custom UI/UX on the front-end.