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Hey everybody!

I was wondering if anybody knows how I could monetize single images or galleries, as well as sections of written content on a SquareSpace website? Im not apposed to another platform but I have my Project, Ballet Rising and my Photography website there for now.

Im wondering how it might work to make an article available for free but stream payments to unlock the last few sections: WHY DANCE?

Or maybe an image gallery for a few cents at the end of the article: ITALIA

Im trying to think of how I can have the most flexibility in how I monetize the content, and what I can monetize directly on my website. Would it be possible with some kind of plugin or would I have to host the monetiszd material on another site like I have my videos now on Cinnamon videos?

Any thoughts and ideas are very welcome and thanks for your time!


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Hoi, Casey. This doesn’t answer your question in totality - however, Sabine has been playing around with image galleries and the Intersection Observer API. She may have ideas to assist you further.

Yes! very cool! Thanks @cyberdees!

Really interesting post from from Ben Sharafian about probabilistic revenue sharing in there as well!

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I would say that as things stand, a Squarespace instance will likely not allow you to achieve 100+20 content in a secure (or possibly even insecure) way. As the functionality is not built into the platform and they likely limit to amount of our own code that you can inject into the site.

The new Wordpress plugin however would make allowances for this — should you choose to move platforms. See Benny’s walkthrough.


Ya I read about Coil and Wordpress and thought about possibly making the switch. Maybe thats something to consider in my proposal. I hate to make late changes but with covid19 throwing numerous wrenches in my planning this might be something really cool to develop.

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Hi Casey, I am tempted to invite you to build a test bed / show case for monetization with your content within the frame of the project I submit named Ethical Digital. There could be a good synergy with another artistic part of the project. I will finish to write down my project tomorrow. If you are interested, just let me know, I will invite your inside the Grant for the web project proposal. Cheers. Irene

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Hi Irene! Sounds really interesting. Id love to take a look and see what I can do. Cheers!

Hi Casey, Thanks for your reply.
We will certainly do something really great together.
I’ll get in touch as soon as I finish writing the proposal.

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Great! You can reach me here on the forum or by email: :slightly_smiling_face: Looking forward to learning more!

Good idea

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