Mozilla Pocket support

This is less of a feature someone outside of Pocket can build, but I hope someone from Mozilla reads this and champions it internally.

When I add an article to Pocket, Pocket caches a copy of the content. When I read the article in Pocket, I am reading the cached copy instead of the original website. Unfortunately, that means the content creator is not getting any revenue from my Coil subscription.

This is a feature request to Mozilla Pocket: As a person with a Coil subscription reading content in Pocket, my Coil subscription is used to stream payment to the content creator.


  • Pocket embeds a Web Monetization client library to stream payments
  • Pocket allows readers to connect their Web Monetization provider account
  • Pocket preserves the tag on fetched content
  • The <meta name="monetization"> tag is used to stream payment when the content is being read in the Pocket app

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