Musicoin artist of the year 2019

MUSICOIN Artist of the Year 2019

This campaign aims to discover Musicoin’s Artist of the Year 2019. It’s been a privilege to curate nearly 150 artists this year. It’s truly a fabulous playlist (available in Google Drive). Musicoin has so many great artists in a wide variety of genres. So it is right to honour one of them as MUSCOIN ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2019

Prize in $MUSIC?
150,000 FIRST PRIZE; 50,000 for 2nd, 30,000 for 3rd and 15,000 for 4th

How the competition works
A short list of 16 exists from nearly 50 Artists of the Week. Voting on Twitter and Facebook.

Week One: Semi- Final
4 nominees*. First two go through to the final.

Week Two: Semi-Final
4 nominees*. First two go through to the final.

*Twitter restricts polls to four entries! Hence two heats.

Week Three: FINAL
Final of 4 nominees: The winner gets nominated MUSICOIN ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2019

During this time Artist of the Week is suspended. It resumes the week after the final with renewed reach, prestige and vigour. To make it possible for the app, the semi-final winners with the highest number of votes will feature on the app’s home page, normally reserved for Artist of the Week. Fortune favours the brave. Let’s go for it!

The Shortlist - See and vote on Facebook