Musicoin is helping musicians

My name is Isaac Mao, founder of, a platform dedicated to connecting musicians and listeners and circulate the value in a whole new model rather than subscription or ads.

The idea is simple. A blockchain-backed billing system enables the transactions, based on which musicians release their works and listeners tip either musicians/works based on a free playback(but subsidized by a blockchain proportion). The utility over music consumption is easy and open to everyone, so music listener has no burden to stop at pay-wall or be bothered by ad banners. They can even keep anonymous to enjoy for the whole life while being part of the whole ecosystem.

It’s not just a concept. Since the soft launch in 2017, We have hosted over 6000 musicians on the site and more than 100K music listeners. Both the web app and mobile app are available online and keep growing users and content.

We believe this can work in the music industry first, but more beyond, it’s possible to extend to all areas. We need support from our community and people all around the world because it’s a global thing. I’m really happy to be invited to this initiative and will do my best to share and contribute from our side.

Isaac Mao
Founder, Musicoin Project,


Supporting! I was able to create a self monetizing video game out of it (by streaming my music from the Musicoin player in the browser, where anybody can play the game and therefore triggers the music)! Feel free to PM me if you want to know more about it.


I’m on Musicoin since 2017, and I love to see the future of the blockchain thanks to music. I’m proud to be able to help conceiving the next Proof of Sharism protocol thanks for all efforts of artists to promote music all around. Thanks @immartian


I really enjoy being on Musicoin. We have 76 songs on Musicoin and I have really enjoyed using the discovery section via genres via the app and the talent on Musicoin is amazing,
It’s the music that makes Musicoin so good
I definitely don’t understand blockchain or crypto currency and I definitely struggle with using computers but I love supporting musicians when I discover there music
From Peter & Ella :australia:


As listener I’m using platform since summer 2017, and already found there some pretty interesting musicians, like Living Weary or Bonnie Legion.

Hope developing won’t stop and in the near future we’ll see more features on mobile app, and more convenient web app. Please, don’t stop and keep working


I totally support Musicoin. It’s a solid and working project with a purpose and working and making the difference in the real world, not only on paper. It works on an industry that has enormous challenges and that has already shown signals that the path chosen by Musicoin is the correct one.


Thank You for inventing Musicoin, I am there from the beginning… I enjoy being in ad I collected many satisfactions. Mauro


Nice ideas usually come from nice people. Congrats!


Hello! I´m Luis from Venezuela, Musicoin it´s one of the best ideas made for music. It would be good to made ads to achieve $music adoption, i understand the high token supply . because music is heared everyday… ! I believe Music is a project for next generations… and think at this moment would be good to use it to reduce Piracy in the record company…


Thanks all, for your support.
We definitely love to see more musical creators join this platform and share their experiences. And for sure, we need more music lovers(who is not?) to join and change together.

Enjoy MUSIC, enjoy freedom!


Thanks for joining and sharing your company. Music is a ripe are for this kind of innovation in art and commerce. I am listening to something on the site as I type this. Have you investigated the web monetization. Here is more info:

What is Web Monetization?

Web Monetization is an alternative revenue model for the Web. Specifically, Web Monetization is a JavaScript browser API that provides an open, native, efficient, and automatic way to compensate creators, pay for API calls, and support crucial web infrastructure. It allows Websites to earn revenue from users without:

  • Requiring users to sign-up to a subscription
  • Needing to deliver content/services through 3rd-party platforms
  • Advertising

For a more detailed description, see the Explainer 60 and track design discussion in the issue log or visit

Web Monetization has been proposed as an open web standard to the W3C Web Incubator Community Group.

Until recently, there hasn’t been an open, neutral protocol for transferring money. The Web Monetization API utilizes Interledger, which provides a simple, ledger-agnostic, and currency-agnostic method for the transfer of small quantities of money. This opens up the possibility for streaming money, which makes Web Monetization possible for the first time.

An important distinction: if a user is Coil enabled, they are Web Monetized. But a user can be Web Monetized without using Coil. They could be running open source software to support the Web Monetized sites they visit via a crypto wallet (in which case they rely on no companies), or they could be using a future competitor of Coil. Coil thinks this is really important to keep the ecosystem healthy.

Who is working on Web Monetization?

Coil has proposed the Web Monetization API as an open web standard to the W3C Web Incubator Community Group

For detailed documentation of the standard, check out the explainer, Web Monetization Draft Community Group Report Coil submitted to the W3C, and this W3C Interview: Coil on Interledger Protocol and Web Monetization.

Note: These ideas and documents were discussed at the WC3 Technical Plenary Meetings (TPAC) in Japan the week of September 16.

What are the goals of Web Monetization?

Provide websites with a way to collect multiple small payments from users in exchange for consuming the content and/or services on the website.

The experience must be frictionless for users. It must allow users to pre-approve payments in aggregate or delegate the authorization of the individual small payments to a component/service (a Web Monetization Agent) that makes decisions about when to pay websites and how much without the need for user interaction.

This system must preserve the user’s privacy. It must not be possible for websites to track users on the basis of the payments they make and it must not be possible for the user’s payment provider to get details of a user’s browsing history.


Hi Isaac, can you explain what the the “this selection was paid for by UBI” means when I play a song?


Thanks, Chris, for the sharing.

Echo all of those ideas with WM, it’s exactly what Musicoin Project is trying to change in the music sector. We share this vision totally, whilst agreeing on the open standard part although the real world is very complex. We already collected a lot of information from the community regarding the problems in this industry, from all kinds of stakeholders, but majorly from the outcries of creators. We’d love to hear and get advice from this intiative to really make the internet a better place again instead of going to feudalism.


On UBI, it’s a fund we designed into the blockchain as a credit engine to subsidize consumption, enabling users to consume the content first instead of confronting a paywall system. With this design, creators don’t need to worry about free riders because the UBI system has assured their basic income. There’s a hypothesis of trust though, we believe user’ll reward creators upon the basic income, as long as they appreciate/like/love it. Sometimes it may be times of the basic income, sometimes could be zero. But overall, the economy can run up in a ratio and take the whole ledger moving forward.

Other activities, like gigs/interactions, between creators and consumers, are always helpful to drive the whole economy moving up, from our observations and experiments. It’s yet to be fine-tuned, since there are many micro-behaviors we need to learn from the social web.


Hi All !

I’ve joined musicoin recently too. It’s a very nice experience to get my work visible for another audience while receiving back more than I got from spotify or other platforms.

Feel free to discover me here:



<3 <3 <3


Musicoin has made it possible to remove the middle man and help artists not get taking advantage of. I have collaborated with a dozen of artists from the platform and have seen our fanbases and crypto grow as a result. This project deserves to get more funding as Blockchain for music really can help independent arists get the right payment while providing a awesome listener experience.

You can find me under Fuzz Heady here:


Thanks for Sharing Lauren Stone and my Collaboration! <3


With UBI and Musicoin Foundation we are running Musicoin Ambassador Program to be able to already be effective in the real world and curate all the 6k artists in the platform with messages and tips. Many ambassadors joined the program.

For example Alexander from Venenzuela is joining as painter to be able to create great artworks for our artist’s songs. He can already use his $music in the real life where fiat courrency doesn’t work nomore.

We created cross-chain sinergies with other blockchain projects especially with HyperSpace on"

Lorenzo from Musicoin Ambassador Office


We are running also Believer Program to be sure to reward every users helping to promote our project"
Already four music studio recording are accepting $music for their works

And we are developing playlists with Stefano and Rappoet