Musicoin is helping musicians

I support Musicoin 100%, I really love what you all are doing for Independent artist, :slight_smile:


Greetings Grant For The Web and fellow musicoiners its I Chosen B2B also part of the B2B Records as an Ambassador here on musicion i learn on a daily basis i network on a daily basis i meet new exciting artist producers and fans daily, Musicoin has became a home away from home. I am so thankful for the opportunity we appreciate you Grant For the Web from us all at Musicoin #rockon🎸 #evolutionofmusic #tomorrowstyle #musicoin #uplikeovermars … Leaving you with my New Release from musicoin with love…


Music industry had the greatest chrisis ever, because of the easy free diffusion of music in the world.
Musicoin is the answer to this and it’s the beginning of music diffusion in future.
In fact the idea is great and it is the only answer to the musician at the present time.
I started with Musicoin on the first months of its existence and connected with many talented musicians, discovering a huge secret music world.
I want to be optimist so I’ll post here one of my song that prove this optimism, expecially because of its title: Winner.
Good Musicoin days to all the artists and listeners.


You rock


Thank You Lorenzo and Isaac for the tip, I try to use your links but they both do not work on my Mac. I report it here:
Lorenzo Pistolesi
10 hours ago

1000 $music extra reward After you’ll leave a post on the Grant of the Web, sharing your Musicoin experience, Ambassadors compensate for the hassle with 1000 $music. Please share on the Grant with your Musicoin account


Thanks for sharing the issue. Fixed it Yes too many things to think
Would you like to join our ambassador family

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Someone, somewhere just began the infinity. An history about blockchain revolution.

Fabio Mueller and Lorenzo Pistolesi

O’kay. First of all, I’d like to thank You for Your idea that seems really interesting and sort of revolutionary nowadays. Although, there’s still a lot to do to make it outstanding and it needs your attention:

  1. Embed Player.
    Do it better! The most perfect Embed Players for musicians nowadays are and which sure have weakness and it’s gap for YOU to overtake them.
  • make autoplay on/off by choise [this may be annoying]
  • add adjustable graphic equaliser [this will be outstanding function, noone lets to change color or change waveform]
  • DO NOT make any hover menu like in Soundcloud “Listen in App or Keep listening in browser” [Everybody now have phones and there should be ANOTHER way to lead everybody into your app, not like that]
  • let users to create Playlist Player basing on several chosen own tracks or any other tracks with no needs to create special Album for it. Just on the go. + see about Albums below.
  1. My Profile
  • should look EXACTLY like My Profile for anothers. This way Musician may observe how to adjust His or Her Profile better. Musician will be able to tune up own Page and see the result at the same time. All deep settings and Wallet may be in upper right corner. This way it’ll be nice. Probably it’s just uniting My Profile with your Artist Page.
  • add possibility to change Social Accounts For Verification. As an example, I can’t change my FB link there
  1. Artist Page
  • if to take into attention above mentioned idea of uniting My Profile with own Artist Page it would be cool to make three tabs Feed, Tracks [your own releases], Albums [just allows to join your releases into an Album + possibility to create Playlist Player basing on Album and even add NOT your track forming much more interesting and diverse playlist]
  1. Online Shows.
  • it would be awesome to convert TikTok and Youtube concepts into Musicoin World and here’s the deal. Musicians may run their own Shows Online where their Fans or just listeners may drop Tips BUT Tips are going to be received ONLY while Show time. After, you may only watch recorded show, it may take some Views to lift awareness to Musician but there can’t be any Tips anymore. Only online Tips.
  • if to dig deeper and prevent people needs this would be awesome to integrate video filters into Show translation.

Whew, this month was busy! :dizzy_face: What i want to share with you is a new track we released with brilliant Lucian Nagy – jazz and ethno woodwind/brass player from Romania. The track is called Jardín De Esferas

Together with Lucian we decided to make it a Musicoin Exclusive release, so the track is available ONLY on Musicoin! And also here on Grant – but not on any major streaming platforms or anywhere else ;)).

Jardín De Esferas (feat. Lucian Nagy) by wishnewsky

When me and Lucian started to plan a release, the most concerning point was trying to ensure that we get a fair 50/50 split from the distributor/publisher – we are equal co-writers of the composition (this is how we roll the music here, gentleman-way :).
We contacted on Twitter for the first time, literally in the beginning of December and immediately started producing, because he was going on tour while trying to complete composing his next epic-sized jazz masterpiece. So, after that, I was left with mixing and mastering alone – and I could not fail, because it was our first contact and I wanted to make it as smooth as possible, and at the same time, not dragging the production into the months and months of same track being unfinished.

All that, and the fact – actually, Lucian and I don’t know each other. So when the track was ready, I didn’t even need to contact my fellow composer for his private details (i.e. his paypal e-mail) which distributors to other streaming services would use to verify the splits. All the info you need to include another Musicoin artist into the PPP (Pay-per-Play) contract is right there – in each artist’s profile – because the system is secure by being open. The artist’s profile LINK (last part) IS artist’s wallet, which is copy-pasted into the official release contract while uploading the song. That way, without any hassle (technical or showbiz-wise), track was released as soon as it was done. Oh, and the artwork is also needed to be produced, that took a couple of days too

Please listen to it, some people say it’s quite good :wink:

I really hope that wouldn’t be the last track me and Lucian will make together. I am honored and amazed by working with Lucian Nagy – professional and hard-working talent with great attitude and energy put into creative process.
Armenian Duduk sound is absolutely stunning, no doubt it is considered by some as the most beautifully sounding instrument on the planet, really competing with human voice. And I’m happy to get acquainted with the sound of Turkish Ney (wind effects in the beginning and the outro), which I never heard before in my life!

This is a crossover of World / Ambient / Downtempo / Chillout, among others.
P.S. Someone could categorize it a better way, but I mostly care about the quality of music – so if you have any genre suggestions – I’m open for those – reply if you have ideas :wink:
Or reply directly on the track page – up to you :headphones:


This is one of the major action an artist can do on Musicoin
You can create music collaboraction thanks to PPP smart contract
Thanks to Lucian Nagy and Whisnewsky for this great blockchain collaboration. I would like to hear more.

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There will be more, but as usual – the better it will be, the more time it will take to produce. Finding the perfect balance here can be hit-or-miss, but I’m going to plow my way through with great care, anyway :metal:


At first I was sceptical but now I see that Musicoin is completely different thing, can’t be compared to Utube or some services for listeners. It is home for musicians, that’s the point. And the idea worked, we have growing community worldwide. It is for musicians first of all.
So I think plans and improvements should serve musicians, this should be a priority. Maybe some means for collaboration between musicians, maybe even jam sessions online. Maybe add forum, organize events, sell tickets, make polls and ratings (we already have Artist of the week\year but I mean ratings connected to profile).


I am sorry to realize that Musicoin is now impossible to me.
I tried to upload my new song more than ten times and every time I waited 6-24 hours and the song is still out.
Please tell me if it is a problem only for me ar for the others too.
Mauro Filigheddu