Musicoin player works well on the Grant Forum better than anywhere else

Thanks to this forum it’s possible to embed music easily, listen Kat Galie - Pray For Love

Musicoin player seems fit well to this Grant. I would like to propose more features to help our 6,000 Musicoin Indie Artist to share their music here on the Grant
What do you think?
Every time you listen a song, artist song is monetized


We could try to create curation posts for any who wants to participate to promote artists, monetizing their great work

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Hi Lorenzo, nice to e-meet you. I see that the song Pray for Live by Kat Galie is linked to ISRC QZ8LD1928696 and a contract with DistroKid. I did not spend more time on checking if Kat has any digital publishing deals or exclusives prohibiting her to DIY web monetization models but could you explain how Musicoin in general (working with 6,000 indie artists) checks for owner IDs, potential copyrights violations, exclusive contracts, representation by foreign collecting societies etc. As you know the DMCA Safe Harbor and new EU Copyright Directive have a different view* on this.
Thanks in advance!

*) Art 17: Imposing liability on sites that host copyright-infringing user-generated material, mandating that the sites proactively remove said content. This differs from both the U.S. system of “notice and takedown” and the EU’s existing copyright directive in that the new directive shifts the burden of policing web-based copyright infringement from copyright owners to host sites.


Thanks @hessel for sharing this important post. Because you got the point, maybe one of the main aspect of monetization.

  1. All the time an artist releases a song he must submit “terms and conditions” on Musicoin
  2. You can find all other legal axpects on Musicoin
  3. All the time you listen this embed Pay Per Play song Kat Galie through her producer Geniuscorp receives 1 $music directly in their Musicoin wallet (here is monetization)
  4. I added 10,000 $music tipping directly on her page song (bigger monetization) take a look to the great work of Musicoin Ambassadors
  5. I could have embedded my own song, but I preferred to promote an artist I love very much
  6. It is like embedding a YouTube video or Spotify, but thanks to Musicoin there is monetization for Kat Galie. You wouldn’t have asked me for copyright issues if I had embedded the same Kat Galie Pray for Love from You Tube : but she wouldn’t never have been monetized.

This is the real issue with monetization and this is how Musicoin works to allow artists to receive it.

I’m personally in touch with her and I love her project, I would like to see her in concert.

I really like the way how this forum works, with different earned levels, and very Musicoin artist friendly. We should integrate $music reward each earned level :tada::guitar::grinning:

And @immartian or @metkram can give you more details. I’m a artist and Musicoin ambassador or jump on the Musicoin white paper

Sorry for my bad english I’m Italian Romantic Songwriter
Please ask us again if you need more explanations

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Hi Lorenzo, my Italian is much worse than your English so don’t worry. Looking at your bullets right now.

  1. Terms and conditions: the link does not take me to terms and conditions but I found the correct one: I had a quick look but this is a typical US ToS doc not taking any steps to curate and/or try to avoid illegal uploads. Musicoin will have some homework to do :slight_smile: when they want to operate internationally.

  2. More legal: I checked the artist content policy but the average rightsholder will not understand that they are granting MCF way too many rights and (3.3) by doing so they actually block other business models because (although this action is not clearly mentioned) they actively have to opt-out songs with their collecting society

  3. So who actually signed with MCF? Jeremy Hills (Geniuscorp) or Kat? And again is there an actual (investigation and logging) procedure in Musicoin to check if Kat gave her consent for this to Jeremy?

  4. Tipping Kat’s producer costs me a minimum of US$0.0002186278 so that’s a great deal for a consumer with a crypto wallet willing to support indie artists (they can also listen for free, right). Does Musicoin has to pay Kat’s producer for every play or can Musicoin use the song free of charge (for promotional purposes) or set their own price when they decide to sync Kat’s song with a video production or podcast or other professional services?

  5. Support artists: Bravo! (t’s actually part of our slogan: support creators, reward creativity)

  6. YouTube and Spotify are two completely different models. Both with their own challenges I might add. There are serious copyright issues on YouTube still giving all involved headaches. And…YouTube is actually addressing the new EU copyright directive (Europe is the second largest market in the world after China so they are paying attention) If you are interested in this nerdy bit, here is the most recent presentation YouTube gave in Brussels, IMHO, a very childish approach but YouTube probably hopes to get away with it: Btw I am not sure if I agree with you saying Kat Galie’s Pray for Love could not be monetized on YouTube. And I don’t mean this: but there are all kind of monetization models when you have a well curated YouTube or SVOD channel.

Great to hear that you are so positive about Musicoin, even an ambassador. Thumbs up. I did read the white paper a few years ago (I invest time and some money in this space but did not go for Musicoin). Looking at the numbers in the white paper two year later I wonder what happened. They promised US$0.02 per play. Now you are saying it’s down to US$0.0002 The other number you mention (6,000 Indie artists) does not come close to their project vision, quote Musicoin: “*By 2020, we are aiming to license more than 30 million tracks and host at least 1 million independent musicians on our platform. Since our project’s inception in February 2017, we have built a music streaming platform that hosts more than 5,800 tracks created by our 1,300 musicians and serves 18,000 listeners from all over the globe.” So they grew from 1,300 to 6,000 signups in 2 years and 10 months?

In short, maybe because my motto is to “under promise and over deliver”, the best I can say: Musicoin might be “a” monetization model but should offer more real world value before artists hand over their babies for global exploitation.


Hi @hessel, you rock. And maybe you could join our family to give your little help to the Musicoin boat. From the legal aspect for sure. And discover how works proof of sharism, the more you share the more …

6. I said Kat wouldn’t be monetized on YouTube from your play, but I agree with you she can decide to start a monetized models. Musicoin is already a monetized model, plays are securised on the blockchain and $musics too.
5.Thanks. I love “support creator, reward creativity” and it’s exactly what ambassadors are doing inside the platform. Take a look to their shared vision
4. Music is free on Musicoin and artists receive 1 $music from each stream from UBI. Musicoin cannot use Kat’s song outside the MC platform without permission. In the past Musicoin TV used one of my tune for a promotional YouTube video, they asked me, I received 500 music for this (price was 0,02 )
3. Jeremy signed up for Kat. I got Jeremy a few weeks ago and he proposes to Kat to sign directly before, but she prefered to be signed inside geniuscorp. But everything is printed on the blockchain, so in anytime everybody could check all the transactions.
2.Ok you think that it wouldn’t be necessary to give to MC all this right? It would be enought the right to stream music inside the platform. But actually it is what I perceive from the policy
1.Agree with you, we have homework to operate internationally. It seems your are passionate about that so please jump un the MC boat

Yes price is low, but the MC economic model works and many other music related blockchain projects already died like Choon, Musard and Dsound is trying to survive any many other on the monetized world like HyperSpace. Life is hard inside the Blockchain and we need a lot of energy and wisdom. But with the price at 2 satoshi is the best opportunity for team building and for better tip artist thanks to the support of Musicoin Foundation.
We do not have 30 milions tracks that’s sure and I love your motto “under promise and over deliver” but already now you can directly encourage artists inside the platform and it could be enought one of them to go to world top 10. And this is what I like on Musicoin, and value is there. Artists and music is the real value of Musicoin and everybody can participate to let this value grow. Value is not price. Artist can already beneficiate of collaboration with other artists inside the platform and improve their music

I’m an artist and I already released many songs thanks to Musicoin platfrom where I could find many other great artists to create collaborative tunes. And share on the PPP smart contract with artists from all around the world: Greece, Lenanon, Venezuela, Portugal, England, Us, Romania, …