My CC-licensed web-monetization tech blog

Hi, I’d just like to share a link to my tech blog. I’ve been writing about web monetization schemes for years already and I’m positive to the new Web Monetization API. My blog is regularly plagiarized into several languages so I must be doing something right, right?

I started offering the blog posts, and photos and illustrations I produced under Creative Commons licenses in May 2019. My images have since been featured all over the web and one was even used by Microsoft. (No one seems to care enough about my writing to want to redistribute those yet.) I initially wanted to use a more flexible license as I saw the web’s current everything’s-copyrighted-to-death model as a factor that could block the migration to the distributed peer-to-peer web.

I’ve tried monetizing my writing more directly with automatic micropayments from Flattr (browser extension that donates based on a <meta> tag like Coil) and Brave (a web browser with a “more private ad ecosystem” to rival the privacy-invasive de-facto web adtech players). However, the income from these sources have been minimal so far. I’ve had no success on communicating to readers that the internet bill they pay their ISP only pay for access to the internet; and doesn’t pay for any of the content they enjoy on the web.

I’m hoping the Web Payments standard will see more success with publishers and audiences alike. I promote Brave, Coil, and Flattr on my tip-jar page as well as in a rotating banner at the bottom of each page. My hope is to one day be able to remove the ads from my site and fund it directly from readers.

I post new blog posts to my Coil profile as well as on my own website. I really wish there was an API to automate this or syndicate with RSS, though.


I recently joined Coil and I find it to be a " why didn’t I think of that " kind of experience. I feel a sense of freedom to express and develop my passions, opinions, life experiences and bring them to life with technology. It’s like having your cake and eating it to …My idea stems from personal experiences and struggles that drive me to use my past to better someone elses future .