Nanocent micropayments

I’m developing an MVP (minimum viable product) micro payment system. It is relatively simple to implement by signing up for an account at nanocents and then embedding a button with javacript on your website - about 20 lines of code. The website is under development but I am looking for partners who might want to work with me to test the prototype.

The goal of nanocents is to deliver a higher payback to content creators than they get with adsense in a package that is as easy to start with as adsense.

OK, I’ll bite, what’s to stop the browser from stripping out your dynamically tagged javascript? (bypassing the payment). And BTW, the concept of nanopayments has already been implemented by a German startup so if you want to save time, you can trial their system.

I’m not sure I understand your issue exactly. There are two aspects of micro payments, one is the technical implementation and feasibility which is what I think you are addressing. If we look at things like Oauth, online credit card transactions and being able to access our bank accounts online, I think we see that the cryptographic technology along with things like https and certificates show that micro can be implemented, they are technically feasible. The other questions are whether they can deliver enough benefit to user and content creators, can they be cost effective and do they provide a strong enough value proposition. I believe all of those are true as well.

I may be answering the wrong question so feel free to correct my understanding!