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World View is an interdependent network of local news cooperatives. I am super excited about the Grant for the Web platform and the grant opportunities coming next year. If anyone is interested in journalism, media, and collaborative platforms for local news Please feel free to DM or comment (if that’s a thing you can do here…:thinking:).


Hey, welcome. Can you share a link to World View please?



Since we are based in Lisbon what you will find at the moment is in Portuguese

Oh, ok. That’s a pity but let me know when an English version launches…though I guess Google Translate is always there.


Hi cbenedict,
I’m interested. How do get in touch?

I may be interested too. Can we get some more info? What’s your tech stack, etc?

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Hi all, these are the exact kind of discussions, peer shares and community groupings we are hoping to see start to emerge in the early days of the program. While more formal call for proposals start in 2020 the ideation and interaction is essential for having proposal ideas ready to respiond to when the RFPs start dropping!


Sure, so we are based in lisbon. The site is We have partners in Brussels and Aarhus. what are interested in knowing more about specifically? What do you do?

You can send me a dm on here or email me at