Next Call for Proposals?

I haven’t seen anything about the next CFP - any news on when this might commence? I think I’m finally ready to submit something. :slight_smile:

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Let’s wait for the announcements of the results from the first CFP, which should happen this month. As soon as this is done, I’m sure the team will start planning next steps.


Haha, after I posted this I saw that the CFP’s results were still pending. Figured that might be the cause. I guess I’ll try to sit on my hands a little longer. :slight_smile:

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@davidshq we are hoping to announce more public calls in the coming months! @end3r is correct - we need to get our grantee cohort from the first open call up and running, and then we’ll turn our attention to launching additional opportunities. Stay tuned!


Hello @erika, can participants that failed to get picked up in the first call for proposal submit for the next one, either with another project (new and shiny project) or using the same one (but improved!)?


@RadhyR In general, we will be encouraging folks who aren’t successful to reapply for future opportunities. Many projects don’t get funded on their first try, and we’re passionate about supporting the growth and evolution of ideas, especially as folks continue to learn and the Web Monetization ecosystem continues to mature. For each public call for proposals, we’ll spell out whether we’re looking for re-worked old projects or shiny new projects or both!


Great, thanks for the answer!