Non profits accepting payments with Web Monetization?

Greetings forum!

I’m wondering if anyone has come across any non-profits or charities accepting payments using web monetization? I haven’t been able to come across any that have a payment pointer I can find.

Looking for examples I can approach other non-profits with to demonstrate the potential.

Thank you!


We are a fiscally sponsored arts nonprofit and we’re going to experiment with accepting payments with coil to uphold to our fiscal sponsor bank account.

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Yo remixmanifesto. As a start:

  • Internet Archive
  • Ushahidi
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • Creative Commons
  • Defold Foundation

We’d love to get more. Let’s jam on this via email?


+1 Brett lets chat on this, we have some ideas bubbling along these lines for the program over the next 3-6 months


Im hoping to get performing arts companies monetised at some point. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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@cyberdees @Chris_Lawrence A friend of mine runs I’d love to put you in touch if non profits are an area of interest.

Thanks, @edadoun. For now — we’re collating any known charitable/nfp organisations who have setup a digital wallet and have a created a payment pointer. It seems that Limitless have yet to do this. We (via email) or likely yourself could help them to do that?

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Good to know! Ill speak to my friend and see if they want to setup a payment pointer. If they do then Ill give you a heads-up!

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Dees’ list is the most comprehensive. I might also add our grantee Newspeak House/Coronavirus Tech Handbook.

As a program team, we are ver=ry much thinking about how GftW might start better facilitating this by:

  1. Helping get non-profits up and running with a wallet/payment pointer and WM websites/content.
  2. Have a running list and even run campaigns with these contents
  3. Granting to some Brave non-profits to start to think about WMized content as an evergreen fundraising tools and program revenue
  4. Start highlighting non-profits to community who might want to tithe their earnings/content

This is all an area we hope to spend some time on in the Fall and get a plan for to do more intentionally. Also looking to see what ideas/orgs come out of our first year of grant-making that might spur this idea forward.


I’ve worked in Non Profit too now for 20 years and this is a very important question for this community. NGOs (Non governmental organisations) and ‘Quangos’ (quasi-non governmental organisations - that’s a judgement by the way) are utterly dependent on government money. Hence the existence of this Quango word next to NGO. The problem is threefold: firstly NGOs and their personnel live from project to project. It is very difficult to build & keep expertise with uncertain income. Secondly this creates a political/content dependence: Because the alternative is to be a Quango (no NGO will ever call itself that for obvious reasons) and then you are very closely related in policy, outlook and work, to what the government wants. And Thirdly what then happens is that NGOs strike back by slowly ideologically taking over the units in government that run development & foreign policy, cornering the debate. Or…they stay within an overton window of debate that the government wants them to stay in. So it’s a complex situation, but having a parallel option to finance NGOs will contribute to more diversity and debate.
NGOs can not make this innovation on their own and need help with this, but it would potentially have enormous consequences. Just one idea: The big NGOs are ‘secure’ but also stale in what they occupy themselves with and run a limited number of people who walk back and forth from government to non-profit. So it would be good if more small, new foundations & NGOs could come up with new solutions, the older ones can’t. There are many NGOs and networks that might be interested, but - and this is a little stab at my folks here - they’re often not technicians, except a small bunch. So this disconnect needs to be overcome. :slight_smile:

@cyberdees and Chris’ lists @Chris_Lawrence are very useful. But I don’t know what all of it means, yet :slight_smile:
It would take a separate project to reach and support additional networks of NGOs, but I guess successful NGOs and small businesses who do socially responsible work this way, would function as a good example for others first. It’s a new step.