Not a Content Creator, but more a core infrastructure

I have a concept for a website that is not centered on content. it is meant to allow a user to create a social media network that is independent of the social media providers, allowing the user to change his personal SM presence but maintain his network through my website.

Additionally as people developed Wallets (their network) it would be possible to market to people based upon who had saved your Contact into their wallet. This would be the monetizing element. Showing some ad content to the Wallet owner based upon his choice to hold the Contact card or a business in his wallet.

This type of monetizing would open up customer relationship management to micro business as well as work with large businesses.

If you consider how Twitter is to Facebook, my website would be the Twitter version of Linkedin.

I have prototyping of functionality. But the scope of managing / business side / further enhancement roadmap is too big for me. Interested in collaboration and possibly applying for a grant.

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Hello jamfitz

There will most likely be grant opportunities in the future for more technical/infrastructure projects. But this is 5 year project so nothing in the immediate future. Staying connected to this community and helping collaboration and experimentation grow are the best ways to see how Grant for the Web can be of benefit to your project.