Not reinventing the wheel .... #testsuits browser local storage

I’m looking at the performance of ILP in a delay tolerant network (think O2O). I’m thinking of a javascript based test harness but b4 I go killing CPU cycles I’m going to see whether similar code exists rather than reinventing stuff the interledger team has aready done. Basic concepts (with reference to architecture here)

  1. wallet Plugin -> browser memcache … instead of the websocket/BTP i just want to persist a local “wallet”, no more than say 100 most recent timestamped transactions
  2. connector -> shared memory ring buffer … because I just want 2 adjacent tabs to do a roundtrip commit/fufill… however it looks like ILP is setup to talk only with localhost:port#??? … so I may need to rewrite this
  3. temporal resolution … basically I want to set up some test suites, so I need to alter the clock to run 1 day of events in ~15min, pushing to discover any failure modes, then replay the scenario (injecting the mem-cache to replay into BTP websocket) on the ILP testbed over weekend for 24 hrs once debugged (still trying to nut my head around expiry of various tokens when connectors time out) in my simulated delay-tolerant network.

So just wondering whether anyone else has played around with above concepts (browser-local storage wallet, shared-mem connector between browser tabs, accelerated simulation time) or is this going to be all coded from scratch? I tried looking at the interledgejs repositories but it all appears to be mature production code.