Ooooo, hi! I'm Albert. I'm working on a currency that forces redistribution

Hi there –

As a dancer & AR researcher I’m concerned about movement ownership. Who owns the “point” gesture?

I wondered what would happen if I used a digital currency to emulate the social currency one gets in the artistic community. When you make a splash in the scene, you’re a big deal for a bit, but in social environments where the flow of attention moves too quickly, you’re never really able to horde capital. Additionally, you’re sort of considered a hack if you don’t site your sources constantly.

So to emulate I started experimenting with a currency that has a forced and absurdly high redistribution tax (10% a wk). This tax would be directly redistributed to other accounts. Account holders cannot prevent the tax, but can choose who else in the network the tax goes go.

Anyhow, I’m SUPER elated by the fact that this community exists. I just finished an MVP for a SlackBot accountant that can manage all these wacky rules and was about to search for folks who want to participate in a walled garden microcosm social network to test some of this stuff out, but I kept thinking “where am I going to find interesting people who are concerned with the future of social media”? In any case, I’ll be doing some cleanup on my code and instructions for this walled garden environment and hope to post a request for help shortly.

Uhm, more about me specifically:

If you want to watch me streaming some of my thoughts earlier in the process, you can watch along on that link above. It was named “Bast Frand” a while ago, so go ahead and review those clips. Warning, they’re very long winded, and I mostly published as a way to keep myself accountable to something outside myself.

Cheers, and very much look forward to engaging with you all!


Ahh “movement ownership” is an intriguing concept! Also like the idea of this experiment with a digital currency that forces the continuing flow of capital. Sort of gift economy aligned. How would people acquire this currency and how do you imagine it would be used in practice?

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Welcome! Now I’m contemplating the 4th dimension. Brain currently expanding :slight_smile:

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Nice. That reminds me of the movie Lucy where she learns to use 100% of her brain and completely vanishes into thin air.