Other web monetizing

Apart from coil.com is there any web monetization platforms.

Not built on the web monetizing API but similar in nature:

Subscribers chose a subscription from $3/mo. and install a web browser extension. The extension tracks where they go on the web and each participating website gets a share of the subscription proportionate to the time the subscriber spent with their content.


Not built on the web monetizing API but similar in nature:

Brave is a web browser that replaces the ads on the web with its own ads (so it’s quite controversial). Brave claims their ads are more privacy friendly than the current web adtech. Brave shares some of their ad revenue with the end-user but the majority goes to participating creators. They’ve only launched in a handful of countries so far.


I am baised but I’d like to point to Unlock!

Our belief is that there are many cases where micropayments are not practical for creators and consumers and, in these cases, a membership (where the user pays to unlock content, features for X days, weeks or even months) is a lot more practical.

This is what we’re achieving! We’re built on ethereum, which is another blockchain with smart contract. Please, reach out anytime for a demo or help setting things up :wink:

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Tipalink is another one. It is different in that it lets users decide what content to tip (by web address), how much (as low as $0.10), and when to pay (no subscription).