Podcast Hosting/Monitization Concept

I thought about Chris’s question from my podcast and It gave me another idea I wish I had shared during the show. (https://youtu.be/Oko5G0x140Y)

I’m planning to expand the content I currently produce from solely being posted on YouTube to a podcast audience. I’d like to have separate audio only and video RSS feeds. I went looking for podcast hosts.

I found websites charging $12-30/month, and while some had free options they all had ridiculous restrictions on how many hours of content I could upload per month. I think all of them were audio only as well.

That has led me to abandon those for just a standard shared hosting server with a overall bandwidth cap. That will be fine until the audience gets fairly large. I’ll probably pay about the same, but have the flexibility I’m looking for in publishing my content.

That got me thinking, if there was a subscriber only/Coil/ILP enabled consumers accessing an ILP enabled hosting platform that would allow me to upload my content, let the host take a cut of the ILP payments to cover hosting/overhead costs, and send the rest on to me - that would make life so much easier. They could build a simple interface for uploading content, even a simple landing page/web presence if wanted.

It would also turn the hosting company into a partner whose incentivized to see me succeed. If they can do it for audio, why wouldn’t they do it for video? Instead of worrying about bandwidth usage, they would get excited by it.

It’s a win-win business model, and competition will eventually ensure the percentages are fair.

Food for thought,


have you heard about Musicoin? This platform ready to host your works without any restriction


I love this idea. I’d join in on that platform for the same reasons.

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By taking a cut, such a platform would be classified as a Money Service Business (MSB) in the US. This creates regulatory and banking issues (very expensive), fyi. Better to either let the content owners keep it all and charge a subscription fee for using the platform; or let the platform monetize all the ILP streams and provide free hosting to the content creators, imho.

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