Podcrypt - Automatic, fair, peer-to-peer podcast donations

Hi! I’m Jordan, the founder of Podcrypt. Podcrypt is a privacy-focused podcast app that allows listeners to automatically donate to podcasts based on time listened. The beta is available now: https://podcrypt.app

I’ve loved listening to podcasts for the past ~15 years. They’ve brought me a lot of value, and I am continuously learning new things and gaining new insights through podcasts. I am very interested in the sustainability of open networks, especially open source software and podcasting. Podcrypt is my attempt to accelerate the world towards more sustainable podcasting

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Great idea! Do you have an API?

Thanks! Podcrypt uses the existing podcasting ecosystem, so it doesn’t have an API of its own. Any podcasts available on Apple Podcasts are available on Podcrypt, and you become a verified podcast by simply adding your Ethereum address to the RSS feed of your podcast. More info here: https://podcrypt.app/about

Any more questions?

Got it! So one of the biggest challenges we’ve seen is portability of podcast listening history. It isn’t always easy to move listening history from one app to another. Is there a way we could sync say the played status of podcasts we’ve listened to through podcrypt back to the podcast software we usually use?

OPML imports and exports are probably the best way to do that. Podcrypt does not have that feature implemented yet, but I will probably add it in the future. But, I don’t think this user-flow will occur in the wild. I imagine people adopt a podcast app entirely. If they are to use Podcrypt, they will most likely adopt Podcrypt entirely, not switching back and forth. An initial OPML import would be beneficial for this.

One great thing about the Podcrypt model is that it isn’t proprietary to Podcrypt. Any other podcast app could parse the cryptocurrency addresses out of RSS feeds and provide donation capabilities similar or equivalent to Podcrypt’s. Podcrypt is the first podcast app to do this. I hope it will serve as motivation for other podcast apps to catch on.

To start receiving donations, put your Ethereum address or ENS name into the main description of your podcast […]

Please don’t do this. This is asking a lot since many clients enforce a strict character limit. Use a meta element instead. Other similar services is using the following de facto standard (I’m not entirely sure on the URI structure used by Ethereum but you get the point):

<atom:link href="ethereum://address" rel="payment">

A character limit on the main podcast description? I haven’t run into the problem so far, with 20-30 verified podcasts. Also ENS can be used instead of an address (i.e. mypodcast.eth). Asking podcasters to add a new element to their feed is what I did originally, but it was far too much to ask of them. Everyone can edit their description rather easily, editing the RSS feed with a new element was just too much.