Political context of monetization

Hi GFW community,

Our project uses monetization to introduce new incentives for constructive participation on media articles: the best comments get highlighted and share payments.

I see this very much as part of wider trends around the race to establish digital money standards so we are encouraging this debate on our platform.

Your comments might receive payments if highlighted on participating articles, so come and share your opinions!


Hello @malina — I notice that the link you posted is WebMo’ed. However other parts of the site are not. eg [Economics | openDemocracy] [COVID-19 is here to stay. Now we must redesign our economies around it | openDemocracy]. Is the plan to turn on Web Monetization across the site?

Hi @cyberdees – the plan is to test it on parts of the site, evaluate and then answer that question. There are lots of open questions about how this will work in the long run.