Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) - Prompts

Prompts is an Inktober-inspired Progressive Web App for touchscreens to help encourage a daily drawing habit, by Dave Rupert.

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This is very cool. I’m an artist and interested in seeing other ideas you’ve got in mind.

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I like to do sketches on my tablet. It would be cool if it was like something where you can post both the painting or the sketch and also the video of the process of creation like speedpainting. Very nice idea indeed to merge it with Coil’s monetizing system!

Hello @S7eeZ and @mancel. Just to clarify, Prompts isn’t made by myself. But rather by Dave Rupert. I don’t believe that he has joined the Grant for the Web community as yet — so it’s best that you engage with him via Twitter;

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thank you for the link man! appreciated. it is a cool idea for real!