Project for which Web Monetization use in unclear

I’m a developer working on a data marketplace that would help users aggregate and sell their data. I’ve read through the docs but my mind is having a difficult time modeling the technology and seeing if there’s a fit for it in my platform. It’s a much different use case from Coil. I don’t really need to stream payments, but I will be dealing with micro-transactions and would want to give users the ability to use wallets like Sronghold.

I don’t want to waste the fund’s time, or my own, if my project is not a good fit, but I honestly can’t tell. Would someone there, or someone who has a good handle on the technology, be able to chat with me briefly and help me come to a decision?


Keith Axline

If current Coil doesn’t suit your platform, you can still explore Interledger’s Github repos to see which implementation suits your platform the most.

Implementing Web Monetization doesn’t have to be stream-based payment like Coil currently use, there are some use cases like paying for images and videos with microtransactions, though I’m not sure whether the early phase grant will pick proposals that are not implementing Coil right now.


OK, thanks. Yeah, my gut says it’s not a good fit for the fund at this moment, unfortunately. If anyone else want to chime in to the contrary, I’ll keep checking this thread.

I would probably agree. But This is the first of more CFPs over the life of the fund, so just because this one doesn’t fit that doesn’t mean future ones won’t either.

I will say that the ways you are pushing the technology are important and part of the fund’s goals is actually to expand the use cases. We are running a joint hackathon with DEV and you might find some ideas there that may help you think about this.

Good to know, OK. I’ll keep an eye on the fund and check out that hackathon. Thanks!

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