Publish0x - Open Content Publishing ala Medium with Crypto Tips

Hi everyone, I’m Dan Bainbridge, founder of

We are a rival to medium/steemit, a blogging/content platform that anyone can join and publish anything (legal) they wish, and we have a “rewards pool” with which everyone reading or publishing can earn from - it works that the readers choose how much to tip the author and how much to keep.

We don’t have our own native token, and won’t make one, we don’t need our own token, don’t want to do an ICO, just aiming to integrate MANY tokens starting with ETH erc20s (we have DAI, and BAT and HYDRO integrated so far)

Our aim is to compete with Medium, with an early focus around crypto/blockchain content and a goal of being THE go-to platform which cryptocurrency content creators use as their home-base to share their content from AND for crypto project teams themselves to run their official blogs - we already have a few projects blogging with us including Loopring, Hydro, Selfkey, Egamers, Coingecko and a few others, and I’ve just been to Osaka Devcon where reception to Publish0x has been pretty positive from a few other teams so hope to have more soon :slight_smile:

For now we are centralised, i.e. we are NOT a dapp, all content is just hosted with “regular servers” each tip is not on the blockchain but we do weekly withdrawals and then pay out onchain - this would be similar to Brave Browser being centralised, and their tips being withdrawn in monthly batches too. We do plan to decentralise (probably more just with partnerships and APIs, i.e. using an api to help us stamp content to the blockchain rather than making the stamping protocol ourselves, and hope to have a few interesting blockchain-ifying partnerships as time goes on) but for now we are just focused on being functional, working and acquiring traffic and users.

Some stats: 24k alexa rank (steemit is 8k), 22,000 users, 1-2k active daily, 750k unique tips generated worth approx $10,000, and 21,000+ blog posts created in total. We have a team of around 8 including 3 developers.

I am possibly interested to apply for a grant, or at least learn more, so far we are just bootstrapped and fine for budget for a long time to come, and we are not really interested to take investment from a VC or particular blockchain project which would see us focus on one/some projects more - keen to stay crypto agnostic and broad and free to grow how we want for now, we know we can grow 10x just from past experience with web traffic, lead generation, seo, paid media. But this GranForTheWeb looks interesting so saying hello and keen to chat with you all and learn more :slight_smile:



Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing how you guys evolve!