Requirements for the grant

Filling out the grant with my cofounder, for $95K, because our project is very far along and we can make a big difference with group commerce. So we are a fit for the Flagship level.

  1. Our project would really benefit the most from the full $100K, but is there less chance of being accepted than if we request a lower amount $50-80K?

  2. In the budget, we believe over 12 months we will earn $320,000 (based on our current trends) and we expect about $200,000 in angel investment. Is there a criterion of “how much the grant amount will make a difference” and how much is it weighed? It seems that our project is perfect fit for Mozilla’s goals and ethos, so besides the monetary value, just the alignment with Mozilla (rather than a random VC) is very valuable to us, both personally and from a public messaging standpoint. Will it matter if the grant is only 20% or less of the full yearly budget?

  3. If our code currently uses a copyleft license, such as AGPL, is this a factor in rejecting it? Will it have to relicense with a more permissive license? We plan to do it, but in the meantime our main fear is about a large corporation Embracing, Extending & Extinguishing what we are doing, before it becomes big. Thus the AGPL for the time being.

Thanks in advance!