RUST : a difficult choice to make

Hi, I am leading the project of , mobilization platform, to be rebuilt as it is a 10 year old one, and petitioning seems to be not sufficient as a political leverage. We do nothing with data and get our money from our 4 million people community.

Our platform will be open source and get to evolutions that will go further the petition process : Enhance local collaborations, use petition system as a viral way to bring people on real local issues, other type of political actions (Citizen lobbying, gatherings and so on), and other evolutions that will lead to collective productivity tools and geolocalized app to ease implications of neighbors into the local life.

Our problem is the tech choice for the reboot of this platform. We want this to be built on RUST for it’s very effective and stable with unbeatable speed.

The problem is you can’t find much RUST developpers, we do have one for the V1 release and managed to get as much money to found it.

I wonder if there is any hope to find in the Mozilla community a hope to get collaboration for future evolvement, if purchasing RUST as a core to our developpement could be contribution to the community that could get help back if we actually don’t manage to find the right competences.

Thanx to all for reading and answearing if you got time !

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