Server-side statistics/reporting?

Having put Monetization IDs on a few of my sites I’ve been pleased to see a few payments trickle in. However I don’t know which sites they came from, let alone which pages of which sites are popular.

Rather than creating Coil accounts for each website / section I want to monitor – I wondered if there were any scripts or examples of people using the monetizationprogress event (or other methods?) to track which pages/sites/etc are popular & for how long?


Hi Nicol,

This is an issue we have heard from a few people.
We’re planning to roll some features out on Coil in the next few weeks that will help to address this.

If you’re keen to be an early tester please send me a private message and we’ll enable the feature for you.



I was one of those people :smiley:

Sent you a PM, would love to test this!

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