Simplifying the user journey for consumers of Web-monetized content

I have been thinking a lot about how to make the consumer experience for web-monetized content better. So I wrote down some recommendations based on some research I di. I will am looking to implement some of the recommendations from the article. Please, let me know your thoughts and if you will like to collaborate.


Great work! I think the biggest obstacle is currently, that the benefits of web monetization are not yet perceivable for the common web user. It will take some bigger kind of adoption, to create that Eureka effect on a bigger scale, that will raise awareness and make people understand why this makes sense.

At this point, there’s simply not enough content available to convince most people to sign up. But this might change quickly, when popular creators or publications give it a try and bring in a larger audience willing to follow their lead.

There was a poll on Twitter within the XRP Community a few months back, and the outcome clearly showed, that people don’t see enough value of web-monetized content on Coil yet, to justify a subscription for them.

We need more web-monetized content that really uses it to its full potential. For most creators, it’s currently an additional monetization strategy, not an alternative one, meaning the user doesn’t get any benefit from it.

I specifically like the last point of your table, regarding the retention:

Blockquote Create browsing tools that highlight Web monetized content in realtime from search results.

It would be great to have a directory of web-monetized content, but then again, people use search engines to find content and don’t want to browse a directory. So a search engine or even a browser extension highlighting web-monetized content within search results would be a great tool.


Right! Content and an easy way to discover them will increase adoption.

Yes. I am leaning towards a browser extension AND maybe some way for content creators to notify their users, regardless of if they know about web monetization or not, that their content is web monetized and they can read more about it.

The latter seems more like an ad and until we have more providers, I am not sure if it’s the best tool/script to create.

Hi! I’m interested in learning more about your latest developments. I just launched a subscription-based membership service on my site but the user experience sucks!! Let me know if you need a content platform to test out your strategies!

Do you mind sharing the link to the memberships service? I am leaning towards building a Browser extension.

I also just found out about Looks cool and it is a step in the positive direction for some of the issues I described in my article

Hi Uchi!

Here’s the direct link:

Just curious, were you able to navigate to my site? I don’t think the membership section is good UX journey.


Hey @uchi. I could introduce you to Christian over at Runnaroo. More than happy to. Do email me some of your thinking with regards search and discovery and I will connect the dots…

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Yes. I’m able to view it.

I see it’s built on WordPress but not web-monetized. Are you thinking of enabling that?

Hi @cyberdees I will look at Runnaroo more email you with what I’m thinking. Thank you very much!

Yes! Is it a widget that can be easily upended to the end of an article page?

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Thanks for this thread Uchi - and for your recommendations.

This is one of our main concerns at Design Club - the user journey, and the perceived value of web monetisation and Coil.

I agree “Ad free content” or “ad free browsing” works well.
When you say that, people’s eyes light up!

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I agree. I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

I think we need a search engine that is only for monetized content.

I’m sick of Googling for a cooking recipe and getting bamboozling websites so full of ads and pop-ups that it’s hard to find the actual recipe e.g. Easy Tahini Recipe – Better Than Store-bought

We could put a positive spin on it. It could be called the “ad free web”, or perhaps the “quality web”, or “creator’s web”.

I’m a developer myself and might be interested in contributing to such a project.

Alternatively, I notice doesn’t have an option to only show monetized results. If they did, then job done, and I’d use it.

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